Everyone have different inspirations that keep them going and they love what inspires them because inspiration is not a simple thing but matter of fact is that it is such a powerful emotion with someone or something that keep you moving even when you can’t stand, that keep you alive when you’re dying inside, that keep you who you really are when you forget about you, like when we’re fading our inspiration is our only hope, the light in dark that kept us ahead.

I read a quote that I loved and it goes like:

“If you can’t run with legs, run with heart

My inspiration is my little self, a little girl who kept going, who never gave up even when everyone told her that she can never do it, she done that, even when there was no one to support her she supported herself, even when she had nothing, she had a courage to see what can happen to her. Her motivated self, her dedication, her love, her amazement kept me going and I love my younger self so much for believing in me. I guess my younger self was enough for me. Now when I have everything I’m so happy for her that she did it. ❤

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