About Groups

Groups on Creative Flair are a great way to start engaging with other like-minded people, share your content with others, and see what’s happening in that community…

Anyone can create a group and start their own dedicated community of people for free


Creative Flair About Groups

Why Join a Group

Bring Together Like-Minded people

Having a group based around a topic can bring together many like-minded people

Share & view similar content

You can share and view similar content in a group where you know others will have an interest in it

Make new connections

Being part of a group where you all have a similar interest can be great for making new connection

Get feedback on your work

You can choose to share your work where you know others will give you constructive feedback on it

Group Features

Group Activity Feed

Each group has its own dedicated feed where members can share their content, and others can view and react to it


Group Storage/Sharing

Groups are given a dedicated space to store their photos, videos, and documents that members wish to upload and share

Group Discussions

Groups can choose to enable a dedicated discussion forum based around the group


Group Messages

Groups can choose to send groupwide messages to keep others up to date with what is happening


Group Zoom

Admins can create a group Zoom, allowing people to meet in a more personal manner, and talk about group topics via live video


Group Albums

Groups can have albums where you can all contribute to a shared album around a topic

Group Invites

Group members can invite their friends if they think they will have an interest in the group


Group Privacy

Each group can be set to its own privacy level, allowing it to be public, private, or hidden


Admin Settings

Admins can appoint group organisers, and moderate all content within their group, as well as have control over the group settings and which features are enabled


Create A Group

Create a group now to start your own community. 

Have access to edit all the features, and appoint people to help you build your online community