*Beta Programme

Creative Flair welcomes anyone to apply to become a monetised writer

Achieving Growth Together


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Creative Flair Monetisation

Creative Flair is exploring and experimating with a range of monetisation options for users


Through the Creative Flair Blog you can earn revenue from reads, donations, and ads

*Open Applications

Ads & Affiliates

Creative Flair encourages users to share affiliate links with others on their posts to earn 3rd party revenue 

(Which we take no cut from)

*Open For All

Forums & Groups

Currently exploring monetisation options for users through forums & groups

*Invitation Only


We are currently developing a courses feature allowing for more monetisation options for all users

*In Development


Creative Flair pays $1 for every 1000 readers that your articles gain. 

There is no limit to third-party affiliate earnings

*The monetisation programme is currently in Beta, and we are always looking to increase the earning amount for you. 

You get paid via PayPal. 

You must enter the PayPal email address you would like your earnings to be sent to under Settings in My Earnings.

(This allows you to send your earnings to a separate email address if you choose).

*Note, we are not resposible if you enter an incorrent email address and the payment is made to the wrong account. 


Once you are accepted into the monetisation programme, you will have a new tab opened under your profile named “My Earnings”

You will be able to see your stats there.



No, but we do look to see if you have been an active user and have posted good articles.

We review each user personally to be sure it is not a spam account, and we believe you will provide high quality content. 

If you have not posted any articles but have been an active user, there is a chance of still being accepted into the programme. 

Creative Flair allows you to request a payout when you need it. 

You must reach a minimum of $10 earnings before you can request a payout.