Become A Course Instructor

Creative Flair welcomes anyone to apply to be an instructor and share their expertise with our global community. 

By creating high-quality courses, you can earn an income while helping others learn and grow. 

We encourage you to join our team of talented instructors and share your knowledge and skills with the world.


Why Become an Instructor​

As an instructor at Creative Flair, you have the opportunity to create engaging and impactful online courses that reflect your individual creative skills and passion. Not only will you get to share your expertise with a global audience, but you can also earn a living by creating courses that inspire and empower others.


Teach What You Love

Share your passion with the world by creating a course on Creative Flair. With the platform's global reach, you have the opportunity to inspire and empower thousands of people through your expertise and knowledge.

Dedicated Dashboard

As an instructor on Creative Flair, you will have access to a comprehensive dashboard with detailed analytics, tools for managing assignments and announcements for your students, and options for withdrawing your earnings.

Full Control

As an instructor on Creative Flair, you have complete control over all aspects of your courses, from content and structure to pricing and promotion.


Creative Flair allows you to collaborate with other instructors to co-create courses and combine your expertise. You will have the opportunity to share revenue earnings and offer a unique and enriched learning experience to your students.

Drag & Drop Course Builder

Creative Flair offers a user-friendly and powerful course builder with a range of features that allow you to incorporate videos, text, or both in your courses. Create a stunning and unique learning experience for your students with our course builder.

Custom Certificates

Creative Flair provides a variety of pre-designed certificates for you to choose from or the option to create your own to award to students upon completion of a course. Show your students that their hard work and dedication have paid off with a personalised certificate.

Set Assignments & Quizes

Creative Flair gives you the ability to assign tasks and quizzes to your students as a part of your courses. This allows you to actively engage and assess the progress of your students as they learn.

Earn Revenue

With Creative Flair, you have the freedom to set your own course price and earn a living by creating and sharing your knowledge with a global audience. Use your expertise and passion to create amazing courses that make a difference in the lives of others.


Creative Flair allows anyone to apply to be a course instructor from the course dashboard. While you don’t need to fill out any forms, we will review your profile to ensure that you meet our standards.


Once you have been approved as an instructor on Creative Flair, you can begin creating your course by heading to your course dashboard and clicking on ‘create a course.’ Follow the prompts and start sharing your knowledge with the world.


At Creative Flair, you have the freedom to create a course on any topic you choose, as long as it meets our requirements for publication. To ensure that all courses on our platform are of the highest quality and adhere to our guidelines, we review each submission for:

  • High quality content
  • Complete and accurate course details
  • Relevance to a creative topic
  • Absence of spam or irrelevant material

If your course meets these criteria, it will be published for our global community to enjoy.


Creating a course on Creative Flair is completely free, and you have the freedom to set the price for your course. Our team will review the price to ensure it is fair and reasonable, considering the content and value of the course. If we identify any issues with the price of your course, we will work with you personally to find a mutually beneficial solution for all.

At Creative Flair, we strive to be a fair and equal platform for all users, and we believe in rewarding instructors for their hard work. That’s why we offer a revenue share of 80% to all course creators.